About Us

Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne
Our Horarium

Our Horarium is a continual movement from contemplation to sharing the fruits of our contemplation.


  6:30 am   Mass and Morning Prayer

  7:30 am   Apostolate

10:00 am   Exposition of the Blessed

                  Sacrament  (until 11:30 am)

                  (Daytime Prayer, Rosary, and

                  Private Prayer)

11:30 am   Apostolate

  1:00 pm   Dinner

  4:00 pm   Exposition of the Blessed

                  Sacrament (until 5:00 pm)

                  (Community Prayers, Rosary and

                  Evening Prayer)

  5:00 pm   Apostolate

  6:40 pm   Supper

  7:45 pm   Recreation

  8:30 pm   Night Prayer


Rosary Hill Home

600 Linda Avenue

Hawthorne, New York  10532

Phone:  (914) 769-0114

For Vocation Inquiries, call or email:

Sister Catherine Marie, O.P.

Vocation Director

Phone:  (845) 745-1319

Email: vocationdirector@hawthorne-dominicans.org

Follow her on Instagram:   catherinemariekauth