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Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne
Religious Vows


We consecrate our lives to God by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. The vows are means given to us by the Church which, in cooperation with grace, assist the Sisters in their efforts toward a life of perfection in charity.  In professing the vows, we give glory to God and recognize His supremacy in our lives. The vows give us that freedom from self the spiritual life demands. This offers one the opportunity to grow in greater union with God.


Chastity - Our vow of chastity, publicly professed and sanctioned by the Church, is a consecration to Christ which strengthens the freely chosen resolution of a woman to give herself completely to Him.  Her dedicated life of perfect chastity creates an openness to God which is the first disposition for contemplation. She is free for a life of charity, while at the same time sacrificing an exclusive relationship with any one human being.  (Our Constitutions C30)


Poverty - The vow of poverty is a means wherein the Sisters learn trust in God’s providence. With this vow the Sisters are free from temporal concerns, possessions and attachments which may become obstacles in their pursuit of union with God. (Our Constitutions C34)


Obedience - The vow of obedience is a continual offering of the Sister's will to God through her Superiors conforming her to Christ in His offering of Himself to the Father. (Our Constitutions C23)


Rosary Hill Home

600 Linda Avenue

Hawthorne, New York  10532

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For Vocation Inquiries, call or email:

Sister Catherine Marie, O.P.

Vocation Director

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Email: vocationdirector@hawthorne-dominicans.org

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