Rose Hawthorne

Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne
Rose Hawthorne Guild

The Rose Hawthorne Guild was established in 2003 to promote the Cause for Canonization of Rose Hawthorne (Mother Mary Alphonsa).


Many Catholics are unfamiliar with the life and influence of Rose Hawthorne. And yet there is scarcely one whom could not identify with Rose.  A wife whose marriage, fraught with financial hardship and alcoholism, ended in formal separation; a mother who grieved the loss of her only child; a convert to Catholicism; a founder of a religious community dedicated to the care of poor incurable cancer patients . . . such is the woman whose intercession we urge you to seek.


Sign up for the Guild to learn more about the inspiring life of this American Servant of God. Spiritual benefits are promised to all who sign up as Guild members: monthly Mass is offered for the members and their families in addition to remembrance in a Novena of Masses during the Christmas and Easter seasons.


The Congregation of the Cause of Saints is currently reviewing the life and virtues of Rose Hawthorne. Ultimately, for her Cause to proceed to Beatification, a miracle is needed as a sign of divine confirmation. Pray to her!! Use the prayer linked to this site; order official prayer cards and/or relic cards and pass them out, especially to those who are sick. Please contact us in writing with every favor and miracle you receive through the intercession of Rose Hawthorne.


In praying for a miraculous intervention, please invoke the help of Rose Hawthorne alone. Diocesan postulator of the Cause of Rose Hawthorne, Father Gabriel O’Donnell, O.P., wrote the following guidelines for seeking a miracle:


 “When […] we wish to invoke the intercession of the Servant of God for a  miraculous cure, we should ask a group of friends and relatives to begin a daily  program of prayer. Prayer must be directed exclusively to the particular Servant  of God whose cause we wish to advance. Ideally, the official prayer of the cause  is used. If a relic of the Servant of God is available that should be placed on or  near the person we hope will be cured. If the person does recover, all of the  medical records and information should be gathered and forwarded to the  postulator for the cause or to the Guild.”


To inquire information or join the Rose Hawthorne Guild, please print and mail the information form.


Rosary Hill Home

600 Linda Avenue

Hawthorne, New York  10532

Phone:  (914) 769-0114

For Vocation Inquiries, call or email:

Sister Catherine Marie, O.P.

Vocation Director

Phone:  (845) 745-1319


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