Congregation of Saint Rose of Lima Founded in 1900
Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne


Congregation of Saint Rose of Lima Founded in 1900
Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne


Discerning a Vocation


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"At the heart of the religious vocation is a call from God for which there is no explanation apart from the love which he bears for the person whom he calls."


Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and

Societies of Apostolic Life, instruction Directives on

Formation in Religious Institutes (1990): 8.


Discerning a Religious Vocation

Have you ever felt the question come into your heart, "Is God calling me to serve Him in religious life"?


So much is involved in finding the answer to this question. And the search for an answer is a challenging and difficult time. There often is, most naturally, great resistance and fear. If you find the answer is yes, your entire life will change. It isn't something done lightly - to change one's entire life.


But as you search for the answer to your question, you must keep in mind Pope Benedict XVI's words ... "Do not be afraid of Christ! He takes nothing away, and He gives you everything. When we give ourselves to Him, we receive a hundred-fold in return." Is this really true? Ask our sisters!


And as you search, pray fervently. Ask Him if He is calling you, and listen to His response. Kneel before His presence in the Blessed Sacrament, and open your heart to His will. It takes time. It takes faith. But, most importantly, it takes a willingness to truly open your heart to His will.


I am here to help you as best I can. I would be delighted to hear from you, and to try to answer your questions about religious life in general, and what it means to be a Dominican Sister of Hawthorne.


Our web site will provide you with detailed information about our Community. If you find you are interested in our Community, or if you have questions about us, please contact me. I will do all that I can to answer your questions, and to assist you in your discernment. Call me or e-mail me at anytime. If you leave a message, I will usually call you back within a few hours.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Sister Alma Marie, O.P.

Vocation Director

Tel. 845-745-1319



I am the bread of life.

 No one who comes to me will ever hunger;

 no one who believes in me will ever thirst. John 6:35


Prayer is key if you are to hear, and open your heart to God’s call. Your time spent in deep communion with Our Lord before the Eucharist will help you understand what He is asking of you.


Women who are exploring their religious vocation are welcome to attend our daily Eucharistic Adoration or our All Day Eucharistic Adoration on First Fridays at our Motherhouse - Rosary Hill Home, in Hawthorne, New York, or at any of our other homes. Please call the numbers listed in our Contact page for the schedule.



Eucharistic Adoration and Discernment
Our Community


The Congregation of Dominican Sisters of St. Rose of Lima was founded by Mother Mary Alphonsa to bring the healing spirit of Christ and His Church to the poor suffering from incurable cancer while asking nothing in return.  The sisters are consecrated to God through profession of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

As Dominicans, our life revolves around the common celebration of the Liturgy—Holy Mass and the Divine Office. Eucharistic adoration, devotion to the Blessed Mother, and mental prayer also form an integral part of our day.

Our Homes are skilled nursing facilities . . . as Dominicans, we preach the love of God, not from a pulpit or in a classroom, but through our loving service to the sick poor.  We are dedicated to upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church on the sanctity of human life.

An ardent Community life is essential to the life of the Religious.  This demands the harmonious living together of all the Sisters and a unified pursuit of the Congregation’s spiritual and apostolic goals.

For more information about our Community visit the sections:


Formation is a process of gradual preparation for the total offering of self to Christ in His Church. For our Congregation, this formation is imbued with the spirit of St. Dominic, the ideals of Mother Mary Alphonsa, and the integration of a profound spiritual life with apostolic service. For those who have answered Christ's invitation to a fuller living of their baptismal consecration, the formation period is a crucial time of evaluation and response.


Formation of the human person is vital for the life of the consecrated religious. The process of formation begins as the candidate discerns her vocation, continues through the whole of life and only concludes at the Sister’s death.

﷯Postulancy is a time of transition from the secular to the religious life. During this initial stage of formation, emphasis is placed on the postulant’s orientation to community life and her suitability for our particular charism. Daily instruction in the spiritual life and in the charisms of St. Dominic and of Mother M. Alphonsa as well as supervised participation in our nursing apostolate serve to prepare the postulant for a responsible decision to embrace religious life. It is during this time that postulants with no nursing background are formally trained to be nursing assistants.
﷯ The Novitiate focuses on spiritual formation, especially throug﷯h a thorough study of the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience. During this time. The novice strives to intensify her spiritual life, growing in self-knowledge and in a more mature understanding of the common life.
Junior Professed
﷯By religious profession, the Sisters are consecrated to God through the ministry of the Church, assume the observance of the three Evangelical Counsels by public vow, and are incorporated into the Congregation. The years of Junior Profession serve as a time to grow in the loving awareness of her vocation to be a bride of Christ. As she embraces the needs of the Apostolate, she strives to balance a life of prayer and action, the whole beautiful life of the Dominican Apostle. Upon First Profession of Vows, the Sister remains in Junior Profession for five years. She then requests permission to profess her vows ‘until death.’
Dominican Sisters Congregation of Saint Rose of Lima

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