Congregation of Saint Rose of Lima Founded in 1900
Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne


Congregation of Saint Rose of Lima Founded in 1900
Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne


Who We Are

Our Dominican Traditions

The Congregation of Saint Rose of Lima was founded in 1900 by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, (Mother Mary Alphonsa), the daughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Rose was a convert to Catholicism and in searching for a way to serve God and the poor began her work of caring for incurable cancer patients on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Our Dominican Tradition  We are Dominicans. We live and pray in a holy tradition that dates back to the time of Saint Dominic in the 13th Century. Traditions of the Dominican Order, such as love of the Church and the Holy Father, wearing the habit, devotion to the Passion of Christ and Our Blessed Mother, are a major focus of the community's life. We are committed to the traditional pillars of Dominican Life: prayer, community life, study, and preaching. As Dominicans, we are charged to preach to and serve the people of God. We preach God's love and His healing presence in the world today through our ministry to his sick poor. Each Sister is challenged to balance the two dimensions of Dominican life - contemplative and active - in her own life.
Founder of the Order of Preachers (Dominican Order).
Dominican life is rooted in the common celebration of the Liturgy—the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Divine Office. Eucharistic adoration, the pondering of Sacred Scripture, mental prayer and a tender devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary form part of the daily lives of the Sisters.
Community Life
﷯ The Rule of Saint Augustine reminds us that an essential element of religious life is the union of hearts and minds in God. We glorify God by our oneness with Him and each other in deep mutual respect and loving﷯ concern. Our love of God and our witness of mutual love are a service we give to the world.
Blessed Dominic recommended some form of study to the first nuns as an authentic observance of the Order. We hold in high regard both religious and professional study on a continuing basis as a means of growth in the love of God and service of neighbor.
﷯ The Dominican mission is to preach God’s love. We accomplish this mission through our apostolate of nursing incurable cancer patients who cannot afford care. Our apostolate preaches the intrinsic value and dignity of each human being in their last stage of life. We care for the crucified and suffering Christ in each of our patients.
Our Traditions as Hawthorne Dominicans As consecrated religious we live our consecration first through the daily Liturgy of the Eucharist, our daily liturgical prayer, our common apostolate and our lifelong study.
﷯Like Saint Dominic who was full of solicitude for all of humanity, Mother Mary Alphonsa was moved with tender compassion for the most neglected and marginalized segment of society in her day, the cancerous poor. Mother Alphonsa’s intention in forming her Congregation was to bring the healing spirit of Christ and his Church to those who were most in need while asking nothing in return. She learned in all things to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit and to find hidden spiritual treasures in the lives of those who supported the work no matter what their religious or cultural background.
Our Religious Vows
 We consecrate our lives to God by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. The vows﷯ are means given to us by the Church which, in cooperation with grace, assist the Sisters in their efforts toward a life of perfection in charity. In professing the vows, we give glory to God and recognize His supremacy in our lives. The vows give us that freedom from self the spiritual life demands. This offers one the opportunity to grow in greater union with God. Chastity - Our vow of chastity, publicly professed and sanctioned by the Church, is a consecration to Christ which strengthens the freely chosen resolution of a woman to give herself completely to Him. Her dedicated life of perfect chastity creates an openness to God which is the first disposition for contemplation. She is free for a life of charity, while at the same time sacrificing an exclusive relationship with any one human being. (Our Constitutions C30) Poverty - The vow of poverty is a means wherein the Sisters learn trust in God’s providence. With this vow the Sisters are free from temporal concerns, possessions and attachments which may become obstacles in their pursuit of union with God. (Our Constitutions C34) Obedience - The vow of obedience is a continual offering of the Sister's ﷯will to God through her Superiors conforming her to Christ in His offering of Himself to the Father. (Our Constitutions C23)
Trust in God
We trust in God's Divine Providence. All of our Homes are supported by unsolicited donations from the public. We take no Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or private funds from the patients or their families. Our dear foundress believed if she was doing God’s work, He would provide..and He has!!
Traditions and Devotions


The Habit - We wear the Dominican Habit as a sign of our consecration and a witness to poverty.

Blessed Virgin Mary - The Order of Preachers has been distinguished by its special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was chosen as its official patroness. Some of our external manifestations of Marian devotion include: wearing of the scapular and rosary, recitation of the rosary each day and singing of the “Salve Regina” at the bedside of a dying Sister.


Sacred Heart of Jesus - In addition to the devotions common to Dominicans, our Congregation has cultivated a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Mother Mary Alphonsa dedicated her charity, in its very beginning, to the Sacred Heart.


Saint Rose of Lima - From the inception of her call to nurse the cancerous poor, Mother Mary Alphonsa chose Saint Rose of Lima as her patron, finding the Dominican ideal, as lived by Saint Rose and the communities of Dominican Sisters, a compelling expression of love of God and neighbor.


Our specific apostolate of nursing Christ’s sick poor who suffer from incurable cancer or kindred diseases is at the heart of Mother Mary Alphonsa’s unique mission. ﷯ In each of our Homes we continue Mother’s desire to treat each of our dear patients as our loved ones and "to put them in our very best bedroom to receive God's loving and tender care". Our Homes are God's Homes and we are happy to welcome His poor so that we can shower His love upon them until He calls them to their eternal Home. The apostolate of the Servants of Relief for Incurable Cancer is founded on a living and dynamic faith in Jesus Christ and his twofold commission of witnessing to the truth of the Gospel and serving the poor. Because ours is a Congregation of both contemplative and apostolic elements, each Sister has been called by God to witness first to the reality of Christ’s presence in this world through her life of consecration. From this consecration flows our engagement in the works of the apostolate.

Our Horarium is a continual movement from contemplation to sharing the fruits of our contemplation.


  6:30 am               Mass and Morning Prayer

  7:30 am               Apostolate

10:00 am               Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament  (until 11:30 am)

                                   Daytime Prayer, Rosary, and Private Prayer

11:30 am               Apostolate

  1:00 pm               Dinner

  4:00 pm               Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (until 5:00 pm)

                                   Community Prayers (Rosary and Evening Prayer)

  6:40 pm               Supper

  7:45 pm               Recreation

  8:30 pm               Night Prayer

Dominican Sisters Congregation of Saint Rose of Lima

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